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Yoga Life Conference platform is designed to bring holistic health practitioners, leaders of health education and industry experts together to enhance your knowledge and ability for self-development. The Conference is a platform to share the authentic teachings of Yogiville Gurukul teachers.

Our conference leaders have been specifically invited to share their wisdom, experience and stories to inspire and educate. The breadth of content focuses on enhancing wellbeing from a variety of perspectives, including self-journey, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Yoga in special needs, Healing through nature, Chanting, Pranayama, Neuroprana Wellness and 7A programs.

Yoga Life Conference welcomes all people from every discipline and culture, who is seeking a deeper understanding of self. We believe passionately that yoga & life are one and when lived wholly, creates the possibility to enrich and uplift your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Yoga Life Conference Solna Sweden will start in

Yoga Life Conference Solna Sweden

19 -20 September 2020

Conference Leader: Yogi Ashokananda

Topics: Prana Kriya Yoga: Rejuvenate the brain and spinal centre (practice) | Atma Kriya Meditation: Guided Meditation on the Spinal Energy (practice) | YLC Talk: Roots of Yoga in Indian Tradition and How This Applies to Our Modern Lives | Himalayan Hatha Yoga: Restore & Revive (practice) Conscious Deep Sleep – Yoga Nidra (practice) | Mantra Chanting: Increase Brain Frequency | Pranayama: Beyond the Duality of Life (practice) | Himalayan Hatha Yoga: Power of Inner & Outer Alignment(practice) | YLC Talk: Meditation & Mindfulness – Impacts on Your Brain | Prana Kriya Yoga:  Creating Physical Space – Fascia (practice) | Atma Kriya Meditation: Mindfulness for an Awakened Life (practice)

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What People Say About Our Conferences

  • I am 60+ and Yoga Life Conference was my first experience with Yogi Ashokananda. I was very impressed. I learned there are many similarities between the philosophies of Indian and Chinese traditions, yet very different in the ways of practice. "Yoga is not about stretching, but opening of the mind and body" this impressed me the most! 
  • "Life changing experience! I have attended many workshops in past but Yoga Life Conference opened my eyes. Authentic and made me think and engage entire day. Usually after a few hours at festivals and workshops I feel tired, at Yoga Life Conference my experience was totally different. I didn't know where time went, it simply flew by."
  • "The entire Yoga Life Conference weekend was so nice. I am glad that everything has come this way. Krefeld is now the place for true yoga for me. We stay connected. And I already have eyes and ears open, where we can plan same for Berlin in 2020. What an unspeakably great treasure [sic of yoga] you have found at he request of Rinpoche"  😉🙏🏼💙

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